A glow that WON’t DISTURB sleep.

The light from the flame of a beeswax candle contains a secret that can help you sleep better. Your eye contains cells that are sensitive to different colors (wavelengths) of light. Some of these cells regulate the production of sleep hormones that drive your circadian rhythms, your sleep/wake cycle.  The wavelengths of light emitted by candle flames are primarily composed of long-wavelength, infrared (IR) light. This long-wavelength illumination allows you to do tasks at night without disturbing your sleep or circadian rhythms.

The human circadian system is sensitive to disruption from shorter-wavelength (blue) light. The LEDs used in tablet, smartphone and laptop displays emit a significant amount of blue light. So put away the screen before bedtime, go pick up a paper book and read your way to a better night's sleep by candlelight. (see this related Article from the Chicago Tribune "Light from Electronic Screens at Night Linked to Sleep Loss" )


A flame that will clean the air and, perhaps, your disposition.

When beeswax is burned it generates negative ions, nature's air-filters. They purify the air of dust, mold, dander and other positively-charged pollutants. There is recent scientific evidence that after the ions enter the human bloodstream they may increase seratonin and change oxygen levels in the brain which can alleviate depression and stress levels. Our beeswax candles have the added benefit of leaving a fresh, light honey scent in the air when burning .

Follow the link below to read the paper from Goel et al. at the
University of Pennsylvania.