Mithras Candle was born in Philadelphia from a diverse range of sources, but primarily from over a decade of exposure to connections between light, health and mysticism at the Light Research Program of Jefferson University.

Mithras Temple - Carrawburgh northern England.jpg

Ancient Mithras

The ancient god Mithras was of Persian/Zoroastrian origin, a protector of truth and a god of illumination who was later incorporated into a mystery cult in ancient Rome. It is thought that beeswax candles first made an appearance in the west during Roman Mithraic mystery rituals (which took place in temples such as the one pictured here, in Northern England). His symbol frequently involves a lion, sometimes with a bee in its mouth, which we have adopted.

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Ben, chandler and proprietor

Ben looks to candle-making as a luminous mirror - reflecting his diverse interests in art, science, history and conservation. Among numerous other moods, Ben burns beeswax candles while writing and performing ambient and electronic music, and hopes to find more ways to integrate candle culture back into the zeitgeist.


Sochi, chandler and spiritual advisor

Sochi joined Mithras in 2019 to strengthen the business with her entrepreneurial prowess. She is our spiritual guide, bringing elements of mystical tradition and Earth honoring ritual to Mithras’ radiant mission. When she isn’t casting candle magic she can be found helping folks buy and sell homes as a licensed realtor with Philly Home Girls. Real estate is a rich and rewarding career, but sharing sparks of holy golden light is Sochi’s true calling. She thinks beeswax candles are the perfect housewarming gift.

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